The Queen’s Clinically Integrated Physician Network (QCIPN) was formed in 2014 from the collaboration between The Queen’s Health System, community physicians, and Physician Organizations based on the need for improved health for the state. While Hawai’i is proud to be one of the healthiest states in the country, there is still a strong need for improved health and patient engagement to keep our communities healthy and address critical care needs for those with acute and chronic health issues. In addition, the cost of care for our citizens has risen to a level that has become unsustainable. All of these factors were considered as we formed our Network and established a business relationship with the largest commercial insurer in our market to address these issues and develop innovative solutions to the problem.

Today we are proud to represent over 1000 providers, working together to make Hawai’i a healthier, more productive state.

QCIPN has formed teams of engaged providers and health care professionals to collaborate with patients, hospitals, and insurers to develop and implement clinical best practices targeted at areas of disease that represent the greatest opportunity for improvement. QCIPN will work to improve physician practice patterns through:

  • Medical care information and support
  • Education and training
  • Technology and practice operational solutions
  • Process and performance-based financial incentives

There is much to be accomplished to improve the health of our state. Our vision is to work collaboratively as clinicians with our community to provide the best and most efficient health care available, and to actively engage our patients in their care.


If you are interested in joining QCIPN please contact us to learn more.

Email[email protected]
Phone: 808-691-7220
Fax: 808-691-4023