Corporate Compliance Program

As part of The Queen’s Health Care Systems (QHS) Corporate Compliance Program, the following policies have been developed for Queen’s Medicare Shared Services Program Accountable Care Organization (Queen’s MSSP ACO) as guiding documents for Queen’s MSSP ACO and its ACO Participants, Providers and Suppliers. Additionally, the QHS Code of Conduct and Corporate Compliance Plan have been revised to incorporate Queen’s MSSP ACO.

Providers who are employed or under a PSA with the Queen’s Health System must complete the training via My Info > Learning Dashboard in the Queen’s Online Learning Center. Please refer to the emails sent from Corporate Compliance for additional guidance.

As Part of the Queen’s MSSP ACO Required Compliance Training, All ACO Providers Must Review:

2023 Practice Signatory Compliance Training Attestation

After all providers participating in the Queen’s MSSP ACO contract at a practice have viewed the compliance training, the practice signatory should complete this form. Please submit 1 form per practice.
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I attest that all of the providers at my practice and I have received education and training related to Queen’s MSSP ACO compliance program and have agreed to comply with all of the Queen’s MSSP ACO Compliance Policies and Procedures.

Questions?  Contact QCIPN.

Providers have a duty to report compliance concerns relating to Queen’s MSSP ACO operations. Retaliation for good-faith compliance reporting is prohibited. Providers may report a concern by contacting the Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, calling the Compliance Department, or reporting anonymously through Queen’s AlertLine (Hotline). 

Questions about compliance? Contact us:

Renee Shimabukuro, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer

Queen’s Health Systems Compliance Department 

AlertLine (Anonymous Compliance Hotline)

  • Call: 800-246-2768

 For general information or other questions about the Queen’s MSSP ACO: